2014 Photo a Day Challenge

January 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I may regret this within a week but my challenge for the new year is to take a photo every single day.

Day one was very easy as we welcomed 2014 by watching the fireworks along the Riverbank in Adelaide with friends. I am looking forward to the challenge of finding a good subject each day and more importantly finding the time. I'll post photos as i go on my Facebook page and update on here as well. Feel free to offer me suggestions and i hope you look forward to seeing each photo as much as i will taking them :-)

Included in this post are all of the photos from January...

1st January 2014 - Elder ParkNew Year's Eve Fireworks along the Riverbank in Adelaide. 2nd January A single flower from a beautiful bunch given to me by a very happy client. January 3 - Photo DogPhoto dog in David Jones Lower Level

January 4Our new toaster

January 5thCamelot Castle, Basket Range

January 6th - Botanic ParkI drove around Botanic Park on my way home from the City today. After taking this photo i found another tree along a bit further and stopped to photograph that also. As i came back around the other side of the tree i noticed the little boy that was heading to the car next to mine with his mum had taken my lead and grabbed a camera and started taking photos of the tree also. So cute!

January 7th - Ochre DigitalO is for Ochre... my first day back at work 8th January 9th January 10th January10th JanuaryDinosaurs Alive at the Adelaide Zoo 11th January11th January 12th January12th January 13th January13th January 14th January14th January 16th January16th January 15th January15th January 17th January17th January 18th January18th January 19th January19th January 20th January20th January 21st January21st January 22nd January22nd January 23rd January23rd January 24th January24th January 25th January25th January 26th January26th January 27th January27th January 28th January28th January 29th January29th January 30th January30th January 31st January31st January


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