Photo a Day | June

June 29, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

It's hard to believe we are half way through the year already. This month has proven more of a challenge trying to work around the weather and winter hours but there is still a reasonable mix of landscapes, sculptures and still life plus some Aussie icons.

1st June1st June 2nd June2nd June 3rd June3rd June 4th June4th JuneHills Hoist in backyard 5th June5th June 6th June6th June 7th June - Field Day Frolick7th June - Field Day Frolick 8th June8th JuneCleo the cat 9th June9th JuneMina in her ballet outfit 10th June10th June 11th June11th June 12th June12th June 13th June13th June 14th June14th June 15th June15th June 16th June16th June 17th June17th June 18th June18th June 19th June19th June 20th June20th June 21st June21st June 22nd June22nd June 23rd June23rd June 24th June24th Juneroses from Alex for the third anniversary of our first date 25th June25th June 26th June26th June 27th June27th June 29th June29th June 30th June30th June


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