Photo a Day | August

September 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

August is the month of art in South Australia thanks to SALA. You'll find a couple of photos from the art gallery (the unveiling of the 4.5 million dollar Camille Pissarro's Prairie à Éragny 1886 oil on canvas was a highlight) along with a few sculptures I discovered around the city and surrounds. Two weddings to photograph this month has provided some nice venue photos (Kings Parish Church and Utopia at Waterfall Gully). Enjoy the pics and I look forward to completing another month.


1st August1st August 2nd August2nd August 3rd August3rd August 4th August4th August 5th August5th August 6th August6th AugustRemember Me - The Lost Diggers of Vignacourt exhibition at the State Library 7th August7th August 8th August8th August 9th August9th AugustEm and Daimhin's wedding 10th August10th August 11th August11th August 12th August12th August 13th August13th AugustCaleche's 40th anniversary 14th August14th August 15th August15th August 16th August16th August 17th August17th August 18th August18th August 19th August19th August 20th August20th August 21st August21st August 22nd August22nd AugustUnveiling of Camille Pissarro's Prairie à Éragny 1886 oil on canvas 23rd August23rd August 24th August24th August 25th August25th Augustmy birthday dinner with Alex 26th August26th August 27th August27th August 28th August28th August 29th August29th August 30th August30th August 31st August31st August


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